Good Practice Wales

Participation Cymru has been a partner with Good Practice Wales since 2011. It can often be difficult to find examples of good practice, so it’s good to be involved in a project that brings together innovative ways of working from so many sectors and organisations in Wales.

What’s great about the meetings that we attend is that we not only talk about how we can best improve the sharing of good practice, but we also have the opportunity to share what’s working within our own organisations and to hear from others about what has and what hasn’t worked in theirs.

One of the topics we spoke about during the meeting was how we’re using the project’s @GPWales Twitter account, and it was really great to hear how everyone at the was thinking about whether the tools that we use are appropriate for our audience, rather than expecting our audience to use the tools that we use.

We also spoke about how powerful email still is, which is interesting as it can be easy to forget that email is still a vitally important way of publicising good practice when we’re all engaging with new social media too.

As Dave Coplin of Microsoft says in this BBC article, “Everything has its place and it’s really understanding which is the right tool for the job.”

– Dyfrig


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