Participation Cymru Evaluation Toolkit

Evaluation of participation is vital to ensure that we learn lessons from how we engage the public and how we can do it better in the future. It’s something we often get asked about, as people want to know how they can show the value of public engagement.

Too often evaluation can be something that is tagged on to the end of participatory work. This toolkit can help you to ensure that you evaluate your work effectively and that you involve service users from the very beginning of any participatory work that you undertake.

This toolkit describes a four stage participatory process to evaluate engagement activities in relation to the National Principles for Public Engagement in Wales. The toolkit is intended to be used flexibly and users of the toolkit should feel free to adapt it to their own circumstances.

We’d like to thank Alain Thomas Consultancy Ltd, who have helped us to develop this toolkit, and also all the practitioners who have helped us to test the toolkit through various workshops, in particular the Forestry Commission Wales who piloted the evaluation workshop

We hope that you find it useful, please let us know what you think!

– Dyfrig


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