Blogs to look out for in 2013

First things first – happy new year everyone! Hope you had a brilliant Christmas!

2013 will be our second year of blogging (I’m not counting that we only started blogging in October!), and so far it’s really given me the chance to reflect on the work I’m doing and to draw learning from it. As a counterpoint to that, blogging has also led to me checking out lots of other blogs and learning from them.


Here are some that I think may be worth you following for 2013:

What’s the Pont
This blog is about learning and sharing knowledge in order to improve public services. We regularly retweet links to the blog as it’s a great example of how effective blogging can be – it’s personal, humorous and filled with useful information!

Powys Mental Health Blog
This blog is by the Powys Agency for Mental Health team, who work for Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations. Again, it’s a really interesting personal take on work that’s taking place. There’s a variety of contributors, which include 3 staff members, as well as service users who contribute their own experiences (like in this post) – very participatory!

Weekly Blog Club
Like the Powys Mental Health Blog, this blog features posts by a range of contributors, except the contributors are from a range of people who work in or with the public sector or with charitable trusts or voluntary groups or communities in the UK. Following this blog is a great way of hearing about a great array of work that’s taking place on both sides of Offa’s Dyke.

Dave Mckenna works in local government scrutiny, and his blog is a thoroughly interesting read! It aims to share 101 different ways of doing local democracy. This post about using social media to scrutinise local government is a great example!

Ace Digital Comms
This is a blog by Helen Reynolds, who works in digital engagement in local government. The strapline from her blog says “Moving communication from broadcast to conversation using social media and other digital tools”, which nicely sums up e-participation!

There’s plenty more blogs out there that are full of useful information, including Jason Nickels’ blog, Communities 2.0 and the Involve and GEECS websites, which are both based on blogs.

I hope these blogs inspire you and I also hope that you all have a great 2013!

– Dyfrig

Photo credit:
By Cortega9 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


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