Participation Cymru works with public service organisations in the public, private and third sectors to achieve better public engagement in the design, development and delivery of citizen-centred services for the people of Wales. For more information on our expert advice and support, innovative training and networking and well resourced information and guidance, please visit www.participationcymru.org.uk.

View our blog in Welsh at http://cyfranogaethcymru.wordpress.com

Gwelwch ein blog yn y Gymraeg yn http://cyfranogaethcymru.wordpress.com

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  1. ruthvandin

    Co-producing a more participatory Wales
    Tomorrow we send an Open Letter to the Welsh Government asking that co-pro principles are placed at the heart of our public services. If you supported it many thanks! 256 signatures from organisations and individuals in Wales, and 25 supporting statements from USA, Canada, Australia, Scotland and England. Makes for a cheering and revolutionary read.
    WCVA are blogging about it and BBC Wales are featuring the campaign in Wales Today and Newyddion on 1st May.
    Links to everything are on the All in this Together website and the Co-production Practitioners Network.


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